BikeMaster Launches New and Improved Tube

Lots of R&D is finally paying of...

BikeMaster inner tube
BikeMaster's new high performance inner tube for motorcyclesBikeMaster

The tubes are made from natural rubber, which wears better, has more elasticity than synthetic rubber tubes and is more pliable. Natural rubber offers superior resistance to punctures, is less likely to tear when it gets hot and is more cost-effective than synthetic alternatives. The tubes feature a heavy-duty valve stem for worry-free riding.

motorcycle inner tube
BikeMaster motorcycle inner tubeBikeMaster

"After several rounds of testing and reformulation, the new material we're using for our inner tubes stretches more for a great fit inside the tire, and has higher tensile strength for better resistance to punctures." says Phillip Mayfield, Brand Manager for BikeMaster. "We know that our efforts have produced a great product while maintaining a great price point."

In addition to improving the tubes, BikeMaster has also refreshed their packaging with a thicker box and handy size cross reference on the back. “We’ve added some new sizes to offer a more robust line of product,” Mayfield states.