Base And Mid-Layers For Cold Motorcycle Rides

Protective pieces to get you through the next cold weather motorcycle trip.

Riding in winter
If you’re looking to extend your riding season and stay warm and comfortable, base and mid-layer gear is key.Skeeze from Pixabay

We are now in the beginning stages of the cold-weather riding season. Sure, you could stay warm by throwing on every flannel and sweatshirt in your closet, but do you really want to look like Ralphie’s kid brother from A Christmas Story? With today’s offerings of comfortable base and mid-layers, you’ll be able to stay toasty without falling prey to the bulk of over-laying.

Our list of head-to-toe layering pieces will help keep your body warm during cold-weather rides. This selection of clothing is made to fit snugly underneath outer layers of riding gear thanks to their paper-thin designs, making them practically unnoticeable. If you’re searching for garments to keep your head, torso, hands, legs, or feet warmer this fall and winter, we’ve got you covered.

Fox Racing Defend Thermo Hooded Jersey

Defend Thermo
A complete upper body warming layer.Amazon

Layering is critical when riding in cooler weather, and the Defend Thermo hooded jersey from Fox Racing works double time to keep you warmer and looking good on the road this fall.

This awesome mid-layer hoodie is versatile and functional, as the sleeves feature wind-resistant panels to work better at keeping the cold breeze from penetrating your core. The form-fitting hood can be used underneath your helmet for additional warmth and comfort, but you can also pull it back into a turtleneck when you’re done riding. Lightweight Polartec Powergrid material serves as the perfect insulation that offers moisture-wicking properties in variable riding conditions.

Freeze-Out Warm'R Long John Pants

Freeze-Out Warm’R
Deflect wind and cold away from your lower half.Amazon

These are definitely not your old man's long johns. Freeze-Out's Warm'R pants work harder and smarter than basic cotton waffle knits ever could. These thermal-type pants have been developed to not only create warmth, but also help maintain it during your cold-weather ride.

Heat stays within thanks to Freeze-Out’s windproof membrane that locks in your natural body heat while blocking out the cold. The 3-D honeycomb fleece inner structure produces a larger surface area that also helps in creating long-lasting levels of warmth. While the Warm’R pants sound like they’ll work great at keeping you warm, you don’t have to sweat it—the lightweight material makes an effective layer without adding bulk underneath your pants.

EVS Sports TUG Long-Sleeve Shirt

EVS Sports TUG Long-Sleeve Shirt
A better base layer for riders.Amazon

Those looking to try something other than traditional "thermal" type base layers will find the EVS TUG long-sleeve top a proper substitution. The TUG shirt has been designed to fight off the sting of fall and winter weather while being seemingly unnoticeable when worn underneath outer layers of gear.

The dual-layer fabric features an ultra-warm, brushed interior that works alongside a fast-drying exterior that keeps riders warm during cold-weather rides. To keep the shirt comfortable, four-way stretch construction offers snug body contouring, and elastic shoulder attachment loops make it adaptable for race collars. A ventilated Lycra mesh back panel promotes adequate airflow to allow your torso to breathe while retaining warmth.

Armoray Compression Warming Arm Sleeves

Armoray Compression Warming Arm Sleeves
Warmth is only an arm’s length away.Amazon

Versatility and protection are exactly what Armoray's compression warming arm sleeves deliver. The UV-resistant material makes them great for sun protection as well, so these really do prove to be useful year-round. These sleeves don't have any awkward stitching in uncomfortable locations that will drive you crazy during your ride. Each of Armoray's arm sleeves are designed to stay in place while not rubbing or slipping or irritating you throughout the day, which is the absolute worst. As an added bonus, if you order a four-pack of arm sleeves, Armoray will even throw in a free neck gaiter to further help you keep comfortable this riding season.

Terramar Thermasilk Glove Liner

Terramar Thermasilk Glove Liner
Increase cold-weather hand dexterity and increase your ride time.Amazon

Terramar's Thermasilk glove liners are just that—liners! Don't think of these as replacements for your trusted set of riding gloves, but as enhancements to those gloves that will increase their ability to provide warmth and comfort for cold-weather riding. The Thermasilk liners feature 100 percent pure filament interlock silk construction, and are very lightweight with no additional bulk to fit snugly inside your favorite riding gloves. A ClimaSense treatment helps neutralize odors, wick away sweat, and helps regulate your body temperature. Liners like these are the perfect solution for keeping your digits warm and responsive while cruising in the cold.

Meriwool Merino Wool Base Layer Briefs

Meriwool Merino Wool Base Layer Briefs
Ditch the cotton boxers this fall/winter for real comfort.Amazon

Meriwool's briefs are an excellent choice during upcoming cold-weather riding days and nights. First off, let's talk comfort. The 100 percent ultrafine merino wool has a smooth, silky feel that makes them an excellent base layer choice. The material is moisture-wicking and quick-drying, which will certainly help in keeping you warm in the cold. The 160 g/m2 weight interlock-knit merino wool also provides excellent breathability that makes them a surefire bet in both cold and warmer weather scenarios. Tired of getting your useless boxers in a bunch? If so, maybe Meriwool base layer briefs deserve a go.

Under Armour ColdGear Boot Socks

Under Armour ColdGear Boot Socks
Keep your feet warm and dry for the ride.Amazon

Stay warm this winter—right down to the socks. Under Armour's ColdGear boot socks are the perfect riding companions this fall and winter, and will prove to be your go-to off the bike as well.

There’s no better base layer than socks. We’ve all had those days being stuck outdoors with frozen, wet-feeling toes. That feeling really does suck, but Under Armour’s thick polyester/wool/nylon/spandex construction blend allows them to offer ample cushion, great breathability, and flexibility, while also promoting sweat-wicking capability. Before you lace your boots, make sure you put on a better-performing sock.