Avinton Collector GT

Caroll Shelby's AC Cobra reimagined as a cafe racer

"Keanu Reeves can keep his 538lb monstrosity. Confederate can stick with forward controls, choppers, and 500+ lb bikes that look like they got in a fight with a steampunk band. Avintons have a timeless style with modern performance and handling, with out heaviest models weighing in at approximately 400 lbs."

Damn. I wouldn't want John Wick to hear me say that, but on a bike like this I guess you can outrun just about any threat. The Avinton Collector GT takes the concept derived from Carroll Shelby's AC Cobra of extreme power, handling and balance in a small package, and translates into a gorgeous two-wheeled muscle-bike.

Avinton GT
Avinton Collector GTJordan Mastagni

At first, it can be a little difficult to tell exactly what's where on this bike. The gas tank is located in the tail section with a Cobra style fill cap on the back. Air comes in through the Keihin 41mm intake located on the top of what would traditionally be the gas tank. The flat valves on the Keihin carb are controlled electronically and open up at 2300rpms (how cool is that!?). If you're looking for an oil tank, you won't find one, as the three liters of oil are held in the frame. What may appear to be an Evo Sportster engine is an S&S Super Stock 100ci unit motor that puts out 120hp and 123 ft/lbs of torque. For a bike that weighs 400lbs, that's insane. The Avinton GT has a claimed top speed of over 160mph.

Ohlins suspension is fitted up front and a Sachs monoshock in the rear. Two 335mm disc brakes up front are stopped with Beringer six-piston calipers, and the rear 228mm disc is halted using one four-piston caliper. Carbon fiber fenders front and rear, and a floating engine chassis design help eliminate weight even further.

Keihin Carb
Avinton Collector GT's gnarly looking KeihinJordan Mastagni

Contrasting typical American muscle-bikes that just keep adding power and the weight that comes along with it, the Avinton holds its balance beautifully. The suspension, chassis, brakes and engine all work together to make a cohesive, amazing looking, FAST motorcycle.

Recently Avinton has started importing to the US. Whether you think you can afford one or want to just head over to their site to drool, check out Avinton.us for more information.

Avinton handlebars
Handlebars mount above the triple trees on the forksJordan Mastagni
Avinton motorcycle
Avinton Collector GTJordan Mastagni
Avinton brakes
Beringer six-piston calipers on large discs up frontJordan Mastagni
Avinton GT
Gas cap on the tail section of the Avington GTJordan Mastagni