Arai CT-Z: Unboxing and Visor Swap

Installing a tinted visor on Arai's open-face helmet

The CT-Z is not your average open face helmet. In fact, you might have been able to guess that by the fact that it came from Arai somewhat recently. The CT-Z provides more protection than just about any 3/4 helmet that might pop into mind when you think "open-face." The shell goes down over your cheeks and the visor goes all the way down past your chin, ensuring full coverage and a much larger protected area.

Arai CT-Z in Diamond Black (as seen in video) - Buy It Now!Staff

We just got this fancy new lid and can't wait to test it out. We have a very strong feeling it will soon become our favorite 3/4 helmet. Stay tuned for the full review and check out for more information!