Antigravity Batteries XPS SC-1

Is it the smallest motorcycle battery on the market?

antigravity batteries sc-1 microbattery
Antigravity Batteries' pint-sized powerhouse.Courtesy of Antigravity Batteries

Antigravity Batteries says that their SC-1 is the world’s smallest battery, making it perfect for kick only bikes that need power for the ignition, but don’t want a big battery taking up space in the design. If you're building a custom kick-only bike, this battery will give you power to the system and provide trouble free performance, but don’t  let the little size fool you, this 1 pound battery can start a V8 truck 10 times in a row easily. Or so we're told.

The XPS SC-1 retails for $119.99. You'll find it on the Antigravity Batteries website.