Alpinestars Supervictory Boot

Full Circle with a Classic Original Motorcycle Boot

Alpinestars motorcycle boots
Ripping through some off-road terrain in the Alpinestars Supervictory BootsDrew Ruiz Photo

I like keeping my feet protected. More importantly, my ankles–ever since I broke one of them in a crash two years ago. But said incident causes me to pay more attention to my dogs when choosing quality gear. Enter Alpinestars’ Supervictory Boots ($329.95). We recently did a Scrambler motorcycle shootout (coming soon!), and I definitely wanted some top-notch boots that would do the job they were supposed to in the dirt and rough terrain, but weren’t too flashy adorned in highlighter colors (I’m a less-is-more kinda guy). As soon as I laid eyes on the Alpinestars Supervictory boots, I knew they’d be perfect for the terrain we’d be conquering come Scrambler comparison time. To say I was right would be an understatement.

Alpinestars motorcycle boots
Alpinestars Supervictory BootsAlpinestars

First off, the all-black leather design with the diamond plated stamped steel shin plate drew me in immediately. I’m no pro moto rider, but I’ve done a fair share of off-road riding. And all that’s generally available to a dude that likes to dabble in the dirt are super colorful boots and I’m just not into that style. Second, after taking them out of the box, I literally (well, figuratively I guess) went back in time to the golden years of motocross where Roger DeCoster crushed the competition in the ‘70s on his RM500. All while rocking his Alpinestars boots. And because great things usually come full circle, Alpinestars did an excellent job of paying homage to Roger, and other greats like Chris Hannah with the Supervictory.

Alpinestars motorcycle boots
Alpinestars Supervictory Boots right side viewAlpinestars

After some break-in time with another road test I was working on featuring Yamaha’s SCR950 (also coming soon), they took some getting used to. Sure, they were cumbersome at first, probably because the full-grain leather upper and liner hadn’t quite broken in yet, but I was riding off-road. Most off-road boots are made of non-pliable materials, so break-in period is kind of moot when compared to leather moto boots. But after a few more rides, come comparo time, they were right as rain. One thing I did notice that became a tad annoying (seems to happen to me very easily) was that one or two of the four adjustable cam buckles (four per boot) kept coming loose. I blame the stiffness of the leather at the time, which caused the Velcro pairings to not mate properly. The buckles are after all a little flimsy and could definitely be beefed up a tad. But after a full day of riding and secreting precious bodily fluids, the unbuckling became less of an issue.

Alpinestars motorcycle boots
Alpinestars Supervictory Boots rear viewAlpinestars

Overall, I was definitely stoked on the Supervictory boots, especially when wearing them off road. Would I rock them on a two-week cross-country trip? Not sure yet, but I just might. You never know when you want to pull off the pavement to get squirrely in the dirt for a day or two or three.

Key Features

  • Four nylon cam adjustable buckles with a replaceable nylon strap and housing design
  • Stamped steel shin plate
  • Alpinestars exclusive rubber compound sole with replaceable foot peg insert
  • Ergonomic ankle support with injected TPU ankle pads
  • Stamped stainless steel sole guard
  • Stamped steel shank
  • Exclusive ankle brace protector
  • Full-grain leather upper and lining
  • Leather over leather front flex zone
  • Replaceable anatomic footbed
  • Internal TPU plate on the inner side of the boot is curved in an anatomic shape and covered with leather
Alpinestars motorcycle boots
The Alpinestars Supervictory Boots are a great throwback to what the ‘70s motocross racers rocked back in the day.Drew Ruiz Photo