AGV Sport Alloy Stone Washed Kevlar Reinforced Jeans

Fashionable and functional Kevlar reinforced riding jeans

AGV Sport is designed by riders for riders. It says so right on their label. The Alloy riding jeans they have are a pretty good indicator of just that. These jeans are stone washed, kevlar reinforced, with removable CE certified knee protectors. The Alloy stone wash jeans are fashionable and functional and are designed for any climate. The fact that the knee protectors are removable is a nice touch. After you ride to your destination they are easy to remove if you don't want unnecessary knee protectors in while you are out and about shopping or what have you. On the other side of that though, they are comfortable and blend in nicely so you really could leave them in all day with no issue. It just comes down to personal preference. These are a great addition to your daily riding gear, keeping you safe and stylish!

-Fashionable yet functional design suits any climate.
-Comfortable and perfect for everyday riding, but offer the benefit of abrasion resistant protection in the critical areas riders need protection.
-Constructed of high quality durable12oz. Stone Washed Hand Distressed Denim.
-100% Polyester anti-bacterial fixed mesh lining.
-Real DuPont™ KEVLAR® fiber Reinforcement in all high abrasion and impact areas.
-High Quality 20mm brushed steel waist button.
-Antique metal front zipper.
-Lined pockets for comfort.
-Removable CE certified knee protectors.
-Perfect to wear over your boots.
-Machine wash and dry.

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