7 Great Accessories for the Victory Octane

Victory's new musclebike gets a full set of aftermarket parts

Victory’s Octane delivers a new vision for American motorcycles and has a sharper form than anything other model seen coming out from the factory at Spirit Lake.

Here’s a look at some of the accessories available to further enhance the looks and performance of this new musclebike.

Victory Octane Piggyback Shocks
To further improve Octane's already excellent handling, owners can fit these nitrogen-charged piggyback-reservoir shocks. These deliver fade-free damping and 16 levels of compression-damping adjustment to soften or stiffen and suit any rider's weight or riding style.
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Victory Octane Driver Backrest
This gives the rider a comfortable back support and takes just minutes to bolt behind the seat.
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Victory Octane Solo Luggage Rack
This rack installs on the rear fender so the rider can strap a bag or other items onto it.
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Victory Octane Passenger Seat
This mounts directly on to the rear fender on designated mounting points. Victory Passenger Foot Pegs (2880244-658; sold separately) are required, and the Victory Passenger Backrest (2880227-658; sold separately) can give extra support.
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Victory Octane Drag Handlebar
Owners can fit a super-low, drag-racing-style handlebar that positions the hand grips slightly farther forward than the stock bar, changing the ergonomics and creating a tough, custom look.
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Victory Tachometer with Shift Light
The high-revving Octane V-twin continues to make strong horsepower beyond the 8,000 rpm mark. To get the most out of the broad powerband owners can fit this tachometer that has a shift light. The light illuminates at optimal shift points, letting riders get the very best out of that Pikes Peak-bred engine.
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Victory Octane Passenger Backrest
The rack bolts onto the frame of the accessory Passenger Backrest (2880227-658, sold separately) and provides a remote perch on which cargo can be secured. The rack bolts onto the backrest frame using provided mounting hardware, and offers infinite tie-down opportunities.
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Victory Octane Saddlebags
These Victory Saddlebags give a Victory Octane rider convenient, versatile, water-resistant cargo space that can be installed on or removed from the bike quickly and easily. The strong mounting framework installs securely on the rear fender and holds the two saddlebags that provide 1,700 cu. in. of total cargo space. The durable polyester and nylon bags have dual top zippers that open to provide full access to cargo and the bags are roomy enough for most 15" laptops. The bags can be removed from the frames for convenient transport to and from the bike and they can be used in conjunction with all Octane passenger accessories.
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