6D ATS-1: First Impressions

6D changing the game?

Well the video is just a fun goofy review, but the ATS-1 is no joke. We just recently received one of 6D's ATS-1 full-face helmets in the gloss black carbon fiber. We have only gotten a chance to ride with this once so far about 50 miles on the 405 freeway on one of the new Harley-Davidson Low Rider S'. On the Low Rider S you are in the upright seating position and right in the wind. First thing we noticed was the aero-dynamics on this thing are spot on. It cuts through the wind like a hot knife through butter. We had no head shake or bobble, and the helmet fits very securely. The ATS-1 has 3 closable vents, mouth forehead and top of head. It also has a visor lock on the left side. With all of these vents closed and the visor locked it is extremely quiet and on top of it, there is damn near no air flow coming inside. It is one damn tight seal. The helmet with all the vents open deliver an excellent airflow keeping you cool on the hot days.

6D ATS-1
6D ATS-1 Gloss Black Carbon Fiber Full-Face Helmet6D Helmets

6D hit the mark with the styling of the ATS-1 as well. With 3 variations of Gloss Black carbon Fiber, Matte Black Carbon Fiber and Gloss White and Black variation, anyone can get their style. So far we are in love with this helmet, the looks the function and the main draw to the 6D Brand the added safety. 6D's patented ODS Technology, or Omni-Directional Suspension Technology is what sucked us in in the first place. I mean when you get down to the main reason we wear full-face helmets its to be safe and stay alive if shit were to hit the fan out there. So with a company out there like 6D trying to change the game in a matter of speaking, it brings hope that we can possibly continue to do what we love with less of the risk.

More to come later after more testing so stay tuned!


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