2018 Indian Roadmaster Elite – Dyno Numbers

Horsepower and torque from the 2018 Thunder Stroke 111 motor

If you are in the market for a luxury bagger, the 2018 Indian Roadmaster Elite might be the bike for you. With a starting price of $36,999, the Roadmaster Elite is definitely not for everyone, but it is a bike to be coveted for sure. Sporting the proven Thunder Stroke 111 and nearly every bell and whistle imaginable, the new-for-’18 Roadmaster Elite will leave you the envy of your fellow riders.

The 2018 Indian Roadmaster Elite dyno chart: 72.70 hp and 108.12 pound-feet from the Thunder Stroke 111 engine.Motorcycle Cruiser

With the Cobalt Candy over Black Crystal with 23K Gold Trim paint job, you will be guaranteed to turn heads as you ride. Circling back to those bells and whistled I mentioned, the Roadmaster Elite is equipped with the following: two-tone candy paint finished entirely by hand and embellished with real 23K gold leaf badging; 37 gallons of weatherproof storage capacity; keyless ignition; remote locking bags; 300-watt premium audio system integrated in the fairing, trunk, and saddlebag speakers; Ride Command Infotainment System; push-button power windshield; and much more.

Our preferred ear protection while in the dyno, the 3M Peltor Optime 105 over-the-head earmuff3M

We spent some time in the dyno room getting the horsepower and torque numbers from this luxury bagger and came up with 72.70 hp and 108.12 pound-feet from the Thunder Stroke 111 engine. Get all the info on the new '18 luxury bagger on Indian Motorcycle's website.