Yamaha's 2006 Carryover Star Cruiser Motorcycle Models

The Star line of motorcycles cruises into 2006.

Yamaha's Star line of cruisers offers more choices than any brand except Harley, with six or seven engines (depending on whether you count the Royal Star and V-Max as the same basic engine) powering almost two dozen models of cruisers. Although its new 1850cc Roadliner and Stratoliner v-twins predictably got most of the attention at its 2006 new-model introductions, the rest of its 2005 model line returns for 2006 with a few new cosmetic variations.

Except the Road Star Midnight ($11,999), for which we don't have any photos, all of the 2005 Star cruisers are shown here. Though some models return at their 2005 price points, most have tacked on an additional $200 to $300. They start arriving in dealers in July, with the last few due in September.

Royal Star Midnight Venture, $17,299
Royal Star Venture, $16,799
**New **Royal Star Tour Deluxe Midnight, $14,699
Royal Star Tour Deluxe, $13,999
Road Star Midnight Silverado, $13,499
Road Star Silverado, $12,799
Road Star Midnight Warrior, $12,699
Road Star Warrior, $12,399 in red, $12,499 in the blue with silver flames shown
Road Star with cast wheels and solid red, $11,099
Road Star with spoke wheels and two-tone silver, $11,299
V-Max, $11,099
V-Star 1100 Silverado, $9799 in tan/silver as shown or $9599 in solid black
V-Star 1100 Classic, $8599 in solid black cherry or $8799 silver/silver (shown) or black/charcoal
V-Star 1100 Custom, $8399 in solid black or $8499 red with silver flames shown
V-Star 650 Silverado, $6999 in solid black or $7199 red in the silver/silver shown
V-Star 650 Classic, $6199 in blue/raven shown or $5999 in solid white or solid black
V-Star 650 Custom, $5899
V-Star 650 Custom Midnight, $5799
Virago 250, $3499