Victory Launches Factory Bagger: Magnum

Victory Motorcycles

Victory says its latest model, the Magnum, is the company’s first attempt at providing its customers with a turn-key, factory bagger.

The big-wheel bagger comes with its own custom paint schemes, a 21-inch wheel out front, a very slightly lowered tail and a slammed back end.

The Magnum also comes with cruise control and ABS brakes and at the controls you’ll find a sound system Victory says is its most powerful to date — 100 watts worth.

Forward motion comes from Victory’s 106 cubic inch Freedom V-Twin, counter-balanced and fuel-injected. The company says its six-speed overdrive transmission drops the revs at cruising speed for a smooth and calm ride.

It seems to us that one clear advantage to a factory bagger is that the bike owner doesn’t face any of the risks of doing custom work — poorly fitting parts, lots of time and money, not to mention potential voiding of the warranty.

The Victory Magnum sells for $21,999 and comes with a supporting cast of factory accessories.

Victory Motorcycles