Tips For Color Matching Your Motorcycle's Paint

After a good rough up you need to do a touch up. Here's tips to color matching.

Color matching your motorcycle parts
If you put a good scratch on your ride (or you just want to paint other parts to match another color on your bike) know that there are paint shops that can color match to give you a unified paint scheme.Photography by Fran Kuhn

Let's face it, gravity works. We've all stood over our bike knowing that when we picked it up, the paint wouldn't be pristine any more. Fortunately, expert painters can match your bike's stock colors. Remember that almost any paint shop will say they can match colors, but the proof is in samples of their work. If they won't show you some of their color-matched parts, look for another paint shop.

In crash repairs, the damaged part usually has enough good paint on it to use as a standard for the painter to duplicate. If you’re having unpainted parts matched to the existing paint, you need to provide the painter with a painted part. Some shops may also request a photo of the bike showing how the part fits on the bike.