New SENA 10S Review

Upgrading the SMH10 with SENA 10S

Motorcycle bluetooth technology has made massive advancements over the past couple of years. Even in the last few months at the big motorcycle shows like AIMExpo and EICMA, many of the big unveils were centered around rider communication technology, such as the SENA 10S.

One of the biggest struggles that these companies will find themselves dealing with is how to get the most functions out of a device without overcomplicating things. It is very easy to take an excellent item like the SMH10 and add so many functions to it that it becomes nearly impossible to use correctly, especially while you're trying to ride a motorcycle. This is where SENA's newest item stands out, the SENA 10S is a beautifully simple, sleek and efficient little system with all of the functions you need updated to perfection, and the ones you don't are either buried (so you can use them if you really want to, but will never trip anything on accident) or nixed.

Among the many upgrades, the 10S includes SENA's highest quality speakers. This, to me, has been the biggest upgrade on the list. Loud, full audio is not something easily accomplished in a helmet, especially when it's working overtime trying to cancel out road noise, but the new speakers deliver without fault. On some of the older units I found myself having trouble with an overly eager voice activation system, a problem that I have not had at all while using the 10S. The sleek new design also keeps the unit from catching your jacket or shoulder if looking back or throwing yourself into aggressive lean-angles, which was a problem on some of the older bulkier pieces.

SENA 10S // MSRP $239 //

Priced at $239 for a single unit and $439 for a two-pack, the 10S is without a doubt our prefered motorcycle communications system and would make an excellent gift for the tough to buy for motorcyclist in your life this holiday season.

• Bluetooth 4.1
• Crystal-clear HD audio and Enhanced Speakers
• Increased intercom distance of 1.6 km
• Keeping riders in touch with up to four riding companions through One Touch Group Intercom
• Universal Intercom
• Advanced Noise Control
• Smartphone App Control
• Bluetooth Audio Recording
• All-In-One Clamp System
• FM Radio
• Firmware Upgradable
• Compatible with handlebar and wristband remotes

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SENA 10S // MSRP $239 //
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