A Quick Tip For Painting a Motorcycle

Get your paint to match just right after you buy some new bodywork.

Matching new bodywork's paint to stock motorcycle paint
When you get your motorcycle a new fender or other bodywork you want it to look its best. Here's a quick tip for getting the paint to match the rest of the bike.Cruiser

Okay, you bought a new fender or other bodywork for your cruiser. Where do you get it painted to match the rest of your bike? Your dealer will probably look perplexed when you ask about painting a motorcycle to match the stock paint. Ken Boyko of Cobra Engineering has this suggestion: Ask the body shop of the local Acura, Lexus or other luxury car dealer who does their paint. They need to be able to get top-quality painting for customers' cars that have suffered the slings and arrows of life in the fast lane. The same painting facility should be able to make your custom fender match the rest of the bike perfectly.

If you are after a completely custom finish, new bodywork is the ideal excuse. Your Harley dealer might know someone local who can do it.