Motorex Cleaning Products

Keep your Cruiser shining bright

Motorex is a Swiss brand with an incredibly wide variety of oil products, ranging from fork oil, two-stoke oil, to hydraulic fluids, air filters and cleaners. Today we focus on their awesome line of motorcycle products that will both clean and protect your beloved bike.


MotoClean is Motorex’s motorcycle cleaner with power. It’s been formulated with reduced pH-value and offers a quick, clean and completely biodegadable solution. It also claims to penetrate the grime well and works against corrosion and is safe for use with rubber, plastic, painted parts, and other finishes.

Protex Spray

The Protex spray is great to use before heading out on that long road trip since it protects your textile and leather goods with a waterproofing agent. It’s also highly effective and offers long-lasting protection against moisture and oil. Suitable for leather, textiles and microfibers, it allows the fabric to breathe naturally and is ideal for riding boots, motorcycle seats, and more.

Quick Cleaner

Quick cleaner is a great on-the-go cleaner with water-beading effect that cleans plastics, visors, windscreens, paint and metal without adding water. It also removes stubborn bug guts as well as dirt, dust, and more. The Quick Cleaner is the multi-purpose work horse after a long day of riding.

Helmet Care

Helmet Care with active foam is a great way to keep that stinky lid of yours fresh as a daisy. It works well for cleaning and care of the helmet foam, interior padding, and shells to clean, deodorize, and keep things fresh. It can also be used for removable padding.

Moto Protect

Moto Protect is a great Maintenance and protective spray for painted surfaces as well as chrome pieces and all metal parts. It offers excellent corrosion protection thanks to a slight oil film and protects against dust and dirt. It’s also ideal for the colder months when winterizing your bike!

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