Motorcycle News Roundup - "World's Fastest Indian" Opens To Rave Reviews - Motorcycle Crash Saves Lives

News For Motorcycle Enthusiasts

Glowing Reviews for "World's Fastest Indian"
We aren't the only ones charmed by Roger Donaldson's movie about Burt Munro's quest to run we are calling "this generation's great motorcycle movie." It opens December 9 in NYC and LA.
New York Post, NY
Village Voice, NY
Hollywood Reporter, CA
New York Times, NY
New York Daily News, NY
AV Club

Sometimes It's Safest Just Ride Them
This man was killed when his bike fell on to him from off a loading ramp while he was trying to get into a truck. We hope he hadn't decided to truck it to his destination because he thought it would be safer.

In Nebraska, 128 mph Is Not "Reckless"
This rider might have gotten off scott-free for his display of speed—if he'd had a license and insurance.
News-Press, NE

Custom for a Killing
He wanted his accuser dead and would pay for the murder with his custom motorcycle. Looks like he'll spend the rest of his life in prison instead—and probably get his mom locked up too.Loveland Herald Reporter, CO

Some Charity Runs Give Us a Black Eye
Such as when participants start shooting at each other and a firefighter gets caught in the crossfire.
Los Angeles Times, CA
Inland Valley Daily Bulletin

How About Hispanic Motorcycle Buyers?
Will Latino buyers keep the U.S. motorcycle market moving when baby boomers hit their peak next year?
Hispanic Business

Yamaha Sets Up Shop in Russia
It expects to sell 3000 motorcycles in the country, and probably some snowmobiles too.
Japan Today

Suzuki Expands
The company is selling $85 million in stock to fund expansion in Asia.

Stupid Bike Tricks
One rider got 30 years for a pursuit that led to a police crash, and the cops want another guy who did the same and them tauted them. In California, a fleeing motorcyclist was arrested after hitting a cop car.
Orlando Sentinel, FL
Ventura County Star, CA

Wreck of the Week: Motorcycle Crash Saves Lives
A motorcyclist died but foiled a possible suicide bomber, apprently by accident.
Seattle Times, WA
Winston-Salem Journal, NC
Chicago Tribune, IL
ctv, cANADA
Los Angeles Times, CA

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Anthony Hopkins plays Burt Munro in The World's Fastest Indian, which opens December 9 in New York and Los Angeles.