Motorcycle Headlines, Week of September 22, 2003

News of interest to motorcycle enthusiasts.

Honda has sold 15 million bikes here. Indian has a future? Drunk hits biker, get 10 years. Was Janklow more dangerous than we thought? TV goes for motorcycle spectacle, needs no facts.

Honda Has Sold 15 Million Motorcycles In the U.S.

Well, more than that now. The 15-millionth Honda motorcycle sold in America was purchased sometime in July, according the the Honda's news site. Honda is in its 45th year in the American market, and has also sold 20 million cars since the first N600 arrived in 1970 and 15 million other products here, for a total of 50 million products. The company has 11 plants in North America. For the full story see:
Honda World News

What's Next for Indian?

Hey, it sold 13,000 motorcycles in five years. Some still hold hope that the company will find support to get it past its financial woes, and the city of Gilroy, California would like to keep the company and its jobs.
Gilroy Dispatch
Gilroy Dispatch commentary

But could the company's future be at a plant in Alabama?
NBC 13

There might be a few 2004 models sold, and they could be collector's items.
Gilroy Dispatch

Congressman Janklow to Enter Plea

Some see the congressman's recent statements as pre-trial posturing in the hope of a favorable plea bargain in the case pending for killing motorcyclist Randy Scott. Janklow ran the stop sign at the intersection at something in the neghborhood of 70 mph. He will have to enter a plea at hearing on Friday.
World Net Daily

Apparent preferential treament by law enforcement to Janklow while he was South Dakota's governor is being probed. His mile-long string of tickets stopped when he was re-elected governor. It could be that there were additional instances when he was driving dangerously that were never cited.
Rapid City Journal

Elsewhere in South Dakota: Hit a Biker, Go to Jail -- for 10 Years

Here is another South Dakota driver who hit a motorcyclist, and he did didn't even kill her. We read a lot about drivers who hit motorcyclists and get off with a handslap. This guy got whiskied up, hit a motorcyclist, and had the book thrown at him. Maybe they same court can hear Janklow's case.

CBS Blasts Sport Bikes

This "investigation" exploits spectacular video and comments about extreme sport bike riding, then tries to blame the extreme riders for a woman rider's death. But it makes no connection between wackos doing wheelies on the road and her crash. Typical dumb TV infotainment.
CBS News

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