How To Jump-Start Your Motorcycle Safely

Here's why you shouldn't use a car or pickup to jump-start a bike's dead battery

Every rider has come across a dead battery at one time or another. As stated in the video, if you are at home, you might think the logical thing to do would be to use your car to jump-start your bike. This is where you could damage your motorcycle’s electrical system by overloading it and frying your ECU. Now if the car isn’t running, it isn’t putting out those amps that would cause damage, but when your bike’s battery is so dead that you don’t even get an attempt at the starter (as demonstrated in the video) just the battery without the car running won’t do the trick.

So if a car battery jump won’t work (remember, you can’t start the car to jump the bike), what is there to do? Or worse yet, what happens if you leave the bike on or in accessory mode while you are out and come back to a dead battery? This is why I have one of these Antigravity jump-starters in my truck at all times as well as in my Road King’s saddlebag.

Get your Antigravity Micro-Start jump-starter today and never worry about a dead battery stranding you again.MicroStart

The lithium battery holds its charge for so long you can just keep it stored for months and forget about it until you need it. Personally, I have had mine sit for 6 months without charging and went to check it and it still had a 90 percent charge. Antigravity's Micro-Start XP3 isn't just a jump-starter; it is also a portable battery pack with USB ports to charge electronics on the go, and it also has a flashlight for emergencies. For $119, it is a great deal and worth every penny.

For all the specs and options for the Micro-Start, check out its website