Harley Night at the Speedway

Run what ya brung at the Costa Mesa Speedway

Speedway is one of those things that ties all us two wheelers together. It's hard not to fall in love with the smell of burning alcohol and rubber and the sounds of those Jawa 500 engines. Not to mention that the speedway bikes have basically no suspension (one girder-like shock in the front), one-speed transmission, and no brakes at all, so the very nature of this type of racing is a little... let's just call it fun.

As if the speedway bikes and nitrous injected sidecars weren't enough hi-octane adrenaline for you, the guys at Costa Mesa Speedway have opened up a couple nights of the season to Harley-Davidsons (any type of bike really, but they call it Harley Night and guess what shows up?). Harley Nights at the Speedway have been a tradition for years and are always a ton of fun. You warm up the night with a beer or two while watching the Speedway bikes and the side cars, and just when you start to wonder about them... you can hear the Harleys start to warm up in the back.

Everything from Softails with big ole ape hangers to tricked out Dynas and Sportsters with Ohlins suspension, dirt track tires and a handful of other race mods. Hot Bike stunt rider Troy Hoff was there on his General Lee Dyna doing some burnouts and standup wheelies on the dirt, and ended up taking the medal for his class (in between stunts). There were lots of familiar faces, lots of non-racers who just wanted to get out and feel the rush as well as some experienced racers who wanted to take their daily riders to some new extremes. As always, Harley Night was a blast and we can't wait for the next one.

Get more info on Costa Mesa Speedway at their website, CostaMesaSpeedway.net