3 New Models from Triumph

Fine British steel coming to a dealer near you

Triumph recently announced three new additions to its lineup: the Bonneville Newchurch Special Edition, Bonneville T214 Land Speed Limited Edition, and the Triumph Thruxton Ace-Special Edition. Here's what we know about the bikes thus far.

Bonneville Newchurch Special Edition

Every year a small town in the mountains of Austria plays host to the world’s biggest Triumph party as thousands of Triumph fans descend to celebrate their love of the brand and the bikes they own. Featuring everything from outrageous customs to an off-road drag race known as “The Rumble”, the town of Neukirchen has its name changed to Newchurch for the weeklong Tridays party.

The Tridays party is an annual pilgrimage for Triumph owners to descend on the beautiful town of Newchurch and celebrate all things British.  Along with spectacular mountain road rides, incredible stunt shows, and off road duelling, Tridays is the place where Triumph owners show off their latest customised rides.

To celebrate this passion and energy, Triumph has produced the new Bonneville Newchurch Special Edition.  This new model features fresh new contemporary paint schemes, a new low profile seat and with cool black detailing throughout.

Bonneville T214 Land Speed Limited Edition

The Limited Edition Bonneville T214 celebrates the achievements of Texas-born racer Johnny Allen, and his record-breaking Triumph-powered Cee-Gar streamliner, which in 1956, set the first of many land speed records at the Bonneville Salt Flats by recording a two-way average of 214.4mph.

The new Bonneville T214 Limited Edition, based on the T100 Black, pays homage to the remarkable land speed record achievement.  The hand painted Caspian Blue and Pure White colour scheme complete with red and white chequer detailing echoes that of the 1956 Texas Cee-Gar.  The blue front mudguard shares the same white star motif from the nosecone of the iconic streamliner.  The shortened rear mudguard combined with blacked out wheel rims, handlebars, and rear suspension springs add to the authentic look which is complimented with red seat stitching detail and a smaller front headlight.

Limited to a total of 1000 bikes worldwide, each individually numbered, the T214, is priced from $9,999.  It will be in Triumph dealerships beginning November 2014.

Triumph Thruxton Ace- Special Edition

It was the London truckers’ café that became a favorite haunt of Britain’s bikers and a powerful symbol of post-war counterculture. The Ace Cafe gained notoriety as the biker hang out in the early 60’s and formed an instrumental piece of the café racer culture of the era. The new Thruxton Ace celebrates the rich association of Triumph’s history with the Ace Café.

The Thruxton Ace combines the evocative silhouette of a true Triumph classic racer, with a fabulous one-off Pure White and Jet Black paint livery reflecting Triumph’s long historical connection with the Ace Café. The bike is tastefully co-branded with Ace Café logos adorning the side panels, tank and tail section.

For more information on Triumph, visit their website, here.

Tank detail from the Bonneville Newchurch.
The T214's edition number is center stage on the handlebar.
T214 tank emblem commemorating the original Texas Cee-Gar.
Thruxton Ace at its unveiling.