Bell MX-9 Adventure MIPS RSD: Review

Bell's adventure lid gets the roland Sands treatment

Bell MX-9
Morgan trying to scrape his heels on the Ducati XDiavelRyan Struck

What is an "Adventure" helmet anyway? Does it come to a point in the front? Does that mean a "Cruiser" helmet is a half-shell? I'm not into these labels. I'm into helmets that are lightweight, quiet, comfortable, and look cool, no matter what the name on the box says. Tell me that I can get all of that with new MIPS technology for a price lower than most lids that don't look half as cool or function half as well? I'm sold. Bell has taken their iconic adventure helmet, taken off the peak and added new style from Roland Sands Design to make it fit a new style of aggressive on-road riding. Or as the guys at RSD call it- hooliganism.

What is this MIPS business? MIPS stands for Multi-directional Impact Protection System. In short, it's a slip-pane system in between the comfort and impact layers of the helmet to help lessen the effects of rotational impact on the brain. It's a system that more companies have been integrating into their helmets because simply, it saves lives.

bell adventure
Morgan wearing the Mx-9 on the Ducati XDiavelRyan Struck

The first thing I noticed when pulling the helmet on is the soft, comfortable liner that wicks moisture and can be removed for cleaning. After that, it's the huge range of vision you have through the large eye hole. The helmet comes with a clear and a tinted visor, equipped with NutraFog II anti-fog, anti-scratch and UV protection, which is nice because the visors don't take pinlock. The visor seals well and doesn't fog up easily, even in the cold.

The fit of this helmet is definitely more on the narrow side. I typically fit into a Shoei large or a Bell Star XL, and wear a large in this helmet. If you've got an oval shaped head, this helmet should fit true to size. Weighing in at 1500 grams, it's on the lighter side of the lids we're testing and it's aerodynamics feel good at speed, not priving a ton of drag or stress to the neck.

bell mx-9 rsd
Bell MX-9 MIPS Roland Sands Design helmetBell

Venting happens through the mouth vent in front, and the two openings up at the top of the helmet. The mouth vent can open and close with a lever in front but the two top vents are permanently open. The two open vents combined with the large sort of beak that lets a little bit of air into the mouth area make this helmet ideal for summer riding, but a little too airy when it comes to cold weather.

Remember back in school when you'd get something awesome over the holidays only to show up on the first day back at school to see all your friends with the same thing? Sort of loses its luster, huh? Well Bell Helmets has been there, and they don't want it to happen to you. All of there graphics only run for a limited period of time, ensuring that the numbers they're sold in don't get too high and out of control. They're not afraid of running out of good ideas, and it seems like they've got plenty of 'em.

Available for $220, this is one serious helmet for the price. Style, fit, and three-season function make this my new go-to for fair weather riding. For more information, check out