Alien Run 2016 is Coming

May 21st & 22nd at Area 51

Alien Run 2016
Alien Run 2016 is May 21-22 in Rachel, NVAlien Run

Alien Run last year was one of the most fun rides/ parties that we had the pleasure of attending. It was all good times with good people, bad weather, cheap beer and camping. Nobody got abducted. Well, nobody that was missed anyway.

There's not too much that you need to know more than the dates and the location. This type of show is what it's all about.

Alien Run 2015
Some of the custom bikes from the Alien Run 2015Morgan Gales

Galactic Star Dates: 2016 May 21st 22nd...

Chart your hyperspace routes accordingly.

Little A'Le'Inn Rachel Nevada


Food and drinks (and bulk beer sales for campers) available at the Little A'Le'Inn.