Yamaha Unveils Two Cruiser-esque Concept Motorcycles for the 2005 Tokyo Motor Show, the Gen-Ryu and MAXAM 3000

Yamaha has unveiled two very different concept bikes for the 2005 Tokyo Motor Show. Both motorcycles show at least some cruiser influence.

Been wondering what Buck Rogers has been up to? Looks like he might have been consulting with Yamaha's concept-bike designers, judging by the two sort-of-cruisers Yamaha has prepared for the 2005 Tokyo Motor Show.

The first, the Gen-Ryu is a true hybrid, both because of its power source, a 600cc R6 sportbike engine mated to a high-output electric motor, but for its cruiser/scooter/sportbike styling. Yamaha's site offers the following about the Gen-Ryu:

This model is a proposal for a "High-performance Hybrid Motorcycle." Based on Yamaha's "Genesis" design ideal and the new "G.E.N.I.C.H." ideal reflecting the latest electronic control technologies, this model combines the lightweight, compact YZF-R6 600cc engine and a high output, high efficiency electric motor. It is designed to offer both the joy of handling of a motorcycle and the comfort and carrying capacity of a scooter. Features like the lightweight aluminum CF die-cast body with optimized rigidity balance, large diameter wheels and long wheelbase give this model running performance and handling similar to a 1,000cc class machine.

Furthermore, as Yamaha H.M.I. (Human Machine Interface) systems, this model adopts ASV (Advanced Safety Vehicle) features aimed at preventative safety functions and smart functions for increasing rider comfort. The ASV functions include (1) a vehicle-vehicle distance warning system using the latest communications technologies, (2) a cornering light system that improves nighttime vision when turning at intersections and curves, The smart functions include (1) a noise canceling system that greatly reduces wind noise, (2) a short wave tandem intercom system, (3) voice navigation function, (4) music player and hand-free cell phone function and (5) rear view monitoring system using a CCD camera and LCD display._

Yamaha's announcement, below, also uses the term "cruiser" to describe its MAXAM 3000 concept prototype. The 3000 is a measurement of the vehicle's overall length (118 inches) in millimeters, nit its displacement, which isn't specified. The MAXAM 3000's name is reminiscent of Yamaha's Maxim performance cruisers of the 1980s, and its chrome and leather finishes give a certain cruiser sensibility, but the vehicle is actually more of a stretched futuristic retro scooter. We appreciate the lack of acronyms in Yamaha description:

MAXAM 3000
Developing on the base of the popular urban tandem cruiser "MAXAM," this is Yamaha's proposal for a new type of big cruiser with the design concept of a "weekend leisure cruiser." Building on the MAXAM's "low & long" body design, this model boasts a completely new "pick-up" styling that includes focus on important things like storage space in its under-seat compartment. In addition to the big added stretch of overhang front and rear, touches like abundant use of chrome parts and a genuine leather seat bring a sense of true quality such as never seen before in a big scooter. (The 3000 in the model name is for its 3,000mm length).

Unfortunately, Yamaha hasn't released any large images of the bikes yet, just the thumbnails we have here.

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