Victory Rolls Out 2011 Model Lineup

New Updates Include 106 c.i. Engine For All Bikes, New Transmission, Custom Program and More

Just the other night, Victory Motorcycles revealed its 2011 line-up of motorcycles to its dealer body at the annual Polaris Industries dealer meeting near Orlando, Florida. Included in the introduction of 2011 year model motorcycles is the announcement of a 106 C.I. engine for all models, the addition of a new "100,000 mile" transmission to all models, and the unveiling of the new Cross Roads Custom, a highly configurable model that's designed to be easily customized to the individual owner. Seemingly following in Harley's footsteps (is there a mole hidden somewhere in the company?), Victory also announced the addition of a touring top case specifically designed for the Cross Roads and Cross Country, as well as new accessories and exhaust systems. The highlights for 2011 Victorys follow:

Engine Upgrades
Victory says the Freedom 106/6 Stage 2 V-Twin with a special Stage 2 cam package unleashes 97 horsepower and 113 ft.-lb. of torque. This engine will now power all cruiser models, including the three 8-Ball cruisers.
- Vegas Jackpot
- Hammer
- Hammer S
- Vegas
- Kingpin
- Hammer 8-Ball, Vegas 8-Ball and Kingpin 8-Ball
- Zach Ness Signature Series Vegas 8-Ball

Meanwhile, the Freedom 106/6 Stage 1 V-Twin will power all 2011 touring bikes. It's said to produce an impressive 92 horsepower and 109 ft.-lb. of torque.
- Victory Vision Tour
- Victory Cross Country
- Victory Cross Roads
- Cory Ness Signature Series Cross Country
- Arlen Ness Signature Series Victory Vision Tour

Tranny Smoothed
Also retooled for 2011 is the drivetrain. Victory says it fine-tuned the designs and and approximately 40% of the drivetrain is new for 2011, with the transmission receiving so many improvements it is virtually new. The changes include improved manufacturing efficiency and quality assurance; enhanced reliability; improved engine performance; and, for riders, improved ridability and a more appealing-sounding transmission - gear whine and driveline lash have been reduced.

**New Custom Program **
Victory also introduces a new customization program, called the Cross Roads CORE Custom Program.

It allows a rider to select the bike color, saddlebag style and highway bar style, and add a windshield, if desired. There are 48 different possible combinations, and a display at Victory Dealerships will allow riders to see how their selections look.

**Colors: **Solid Crimson, Solid Black.
• **Saddlebags: **A rider can select hard bags such as those standard on the Victory Cross Country, or new soft saddlebags, which have a formed interior and are covered by a grained vinyl and leather. The new soft bags feature a classic look with rivet trim and large leather straps.
• **Highway Bars: **The two styles available are the styled Forged Chrome Highway Bars and the Tube Chrome Highway Bars. Both styles bolt on easily, and if a rider chooses to ride without tip- over protection, covers are available to cover the mounting points on the frame.
• **Windshields: **A rider can add a protective Mid-Height Windshield that has drop-down "sideburns" that block air that would otherwise flow toward the rider's mid-section. For further airflow management, Pure Victory offers Lower Wind Deflectors and Highway Bar Close-Outs as accessories.

New Trunk
Touring riders can put away their tools. The new Lock & Ride®
Trunk from Pure Victory can be installed on a Cross Country or Cross Roads in seconds, and removed just as quickly - without tools.

Stay tuned for more update announcements to the 2011 line; we'll post them here in the next few days. Also look for ride impressions in the December issue of Motorcycle Cruiser.

Victory Rolls Out 2011 Model Lineup