Victory Announces 2012 Lineup

The New American Motorcycle Company expands its stable with two new models

Victory Motorcycles has just announced its lineup for the 2012 model year, and as you might expect there are a couple of new faces leading the charge. But the two newbies aren't ground-up, envelope-pushing designs; rather, they're riffs on Victory's existing Cross platform. (We'll have riding impressions in the December 2o11 issue of Cruiser.)

The Cross Country Tour - Now Built For The Long Haul

For the first (and more distinctive) of the 2012 rigs, Victory piled on to the existing Cross Country, adding a top box, tall windshield and hard plastic lowers, thus casting it as a longer-haul touring machine. In fact, Victory bills it as the motorcycle with the "World's largest Storage Capacity." The biggest chunk of that capacity comes from the copious 17.7-gallon Lock & Ride trunk - previously an optional accessory on 2011 Cross Country machines - that's now standard issue, as is a new 20.5-inch tall windscreen, which is a full 8 inches taller than the unit on the standard Cross Country. Those new lockable hard-shell lowers also offer a 1.0-gallon storage capacity (each) and include an iPod-ready cord that connects with the bike's integrated audio system, as well as an integrated 12V power outlet for any auxiliary accessories. The lowers also offer built-in wind deflectors, and are mounted on highway bars that provide tip-over protection. Other premium features include HID headlights, heated seats, an adjustable rear suspension, adjustable passenger floorboards, and (drumroll, please) ABS - as standard equipment. Yep, seems that Victory listened to all our moaning over the years about the lack of ABS, and for 2012, not just the new Cross Country Tour but all Victory touring bikes have ABS as standard. By comparison, in 2o11, you could only get it on the Vision Tour and Arlen Ness Vision.

Down below, it's the familiar Freedom 106 powertrain, featuring Victory's beefy 106 cubic inch v-twin and 6-speed overdrive tranny, but to go with the Tour's new long-haul status, you also get a host of touring options to choose from: Kicker premium speakers, bar options and more.

The Cross Country Tour comes in at an MSRP of $21,999 for Solid Black and $22,499 for Solid Imperial Blue or Sunset Red over Silver.

Crossing Into Classic

Victory's other 'new' (let's just say it's a new trim) 2012 model is a new twist on the Cross Roads model, called the Cross Roads Classic LE. This newbie expands Victory's selection of touring motorcycles to a total of seven models for 2012.

Of the two Cross bikes, the Cross Roads is the more minimalist, though you could say the Cross Roads Classic LE is the ultimate expression of Victory's Core Custom concept, wearing custom paint, a windshield and light bar, leather saddlebags and a host of other trick little details.

Victory has said that the LE is a limited edition machine (each model is numbered), but we haven't yet heard what the production run will be limited to. Just by looking at the additional details on the LE, it's pretty clear that Victory has the Road King Classic in its sights. Another point in Victory's favor is that this model too comes with non-linked ABS and cruise control as standard, and you can opt for the Lock & Ride trunk as well.

Notable features on the Cross Roads Classic LE include:

  • Classic paint and graphics featuring expanses of black and white with black and red pinstriping
  • Classic leather seat and saddlebags with custom stitching
  • Wire wheels
  • Windshield
  • Light bar
  • Fender bumpers
  • Saddlebag rails for styling and tip-over protection The Cross Roads Classic LE will retail for $17,999, just a couple thousand more than the standard model.

And Then The Nesses
As we've come to expect, the Ness family will contribute to Victory's 2012 lineup as well, with each member of the family turning out a fully-customized, tricked-out top-shelf model. In 2012 papa Arlen again uses the Vision for his palette, imbuing it with a Nuclear Sunset and flamed graphics color scheme. A metal plate on the engine bears the bike's number, the Arlen Ness logo and a facsimile of Arlen's signature.

His son Cory Ness once again uses the Cross Country model as his palette of choice, decking it out in Blue and Black paint and numerous custom Ness bits like handlebar, grips, mirrors and engine covers. It too gets an engine plate with bike number, logo and signature. Finally, the youngest Ness, Zach, works his magic on a Vegas 8 Ball, splashing it with Suede Titanium Metallic paint and custom graphics, along with custom wheels, mirrors, footpegs and custom stitched seat.

The Whole Deal
With the new bikes now introduced, let's sum up Victory's 2012 lineup:

**Touring Models: **
Victory Vision Tour: $20,999- $21,799
Cross Country Tour: $21,999 - $22,499
Cross Country: $18,999- $19,999
Cross Roads: $15,999 - $16,499
Cross Roads Classic LE: $17,999
**Cruiser Models: **
High-Ball: $13,499
Vegas: $14,999
Vegas Jackpot: $18,499 - $19,999
Kingpin: $14,999
Hammer S: $18,499
Hammer 8-Ball: $14,499
Vegas 8-Ball: $12,499
Ness Signature Models
Arlen Ness Signature Series Victory Vision: $27,999
Cory Ness Signature Series Cross Country: $24,999
Zach Ness Signature Series Vegas 8-Ball: $16,999

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