Triumph Rocket III from 2WheelsMiklos

A true cruiser custom from the UK

Custom Triumph Rocket III
Triumph Rocket III Custom by 2WheelsMiklos2WheelsMiklos

Triumph's Rocket III is a behemoth. It's 2300cc engine puts out an incredible amount of surprisingly smooth power that pull this 800lb bike off the line quicker than most mid-sized sport bikes. It's no wonder that when the guys at 2WheelsMiklos had an unfortunate incident with theirs, they weren't ready to junk it just yet.

A long time love for large displacement motorcycles led them to this point. Years of working ideas over and over finally came into play when a bike that had been owned for 11 years, since it was brand new, was in an accident. Luckily these were no ordinary chumps. They grabbed the massive bull by the horns and took their beloved monster-cruiser to the next level.

Custom Triumph Rocket III Exhaust
Triumph Rocket III custom exhaust detail2WheelsMiklos

This owner loved this bike because of its power, and because of the classic cruiser comfort it provided. Unlike many customs, they wanted to keep the seat nice and padded for longer rides, as well as incorporate a rack on the rear fender for luggage options. They also built a GPS mount behind the small fairing to keep them on track. She wasn’t built to sit on the showroom floor or tour from show to show. This is a bike that gets ridden. Far and hard.

Custom Triumph Rocket III
Triumph Rocket III left side detail2WheelsMiklos

The stainless exhaust headers cover what would otherwise be an unattractive wall of engine with smooth and flowing pipes. The fan of mufflers give the bike an aggressive look that works really well with the natural lines of the Rocket III. A unique black and pearl paintjob manages to keep a little bit of that Triumph style, while achieving as totally new look for the bike.

Custom Triumph Rocket III
Custom mounted GPS on the Triumph Rocket III. They should also get some gas.2WheelsMiklos

We know this beast must be just as fun to ride (probably more) as it is to look at. If you want to see this thing in person, we hear it's usually around the 2WheelsMiklos shop in Surrey, England. Also be sure to check out their other builds HERE!