Take to the Alps on an Electric Motorcycle

Edelweiss Bike Travel of Austria is working with Zero Motorcycles to offer Alpine tours on Zero’s high-performance electric motorcycles. This means you get to try out an electric motorcycle on a longer trip while ooh-ing and ah-ing at the spectacular scenery provided by the Alps.

The motorcycle tour company has purchased six Zero Motorcycles: four Zero S ZF11.4 and two Zero DS ZF11.4 models. All motorcycles are equipped with an additional 2.8 kilowatt-hour Power Tank for maximum range, bringing the total battery capacity to 14.2 kWh per bike, making daily routes of 125 miles (200 km) possible, even in the Alps.

Edelweiss offers weeklong tours from their base Mieming, Austria. The tours typically cover over 600 miles (1,000 km) and include many well-known Alpine highlights, though the tours with Zeros happen in near silence. On the itinerary are the Stelvio and Timmelsjoch passes and the roads leading up to them, both of which offer 80% of the world’s switchback turns (OK, maybe not that much, but it feels like it).

You’ll also zip silently along the Silvretta High Alpine Road, Reschensee, Hahntennjoch, Kühtai, Gavia Pass, Dolomites and the Mendel Pass. At the end of the day tour participants stay in cozy hotels with regional flair and food.

For available tour dates this year and 2015 check on http://www.edelweissbike.com/en/cont/eur/alpine-backroads-zero-emission-tour.html. Zero Motorcycles and Edelweiss say this tour package makes them the pioneers of noise and emissions-free motorcycle travel in environmentally sensitive areas such as the Alps, and we agree.