Top 6 Gift Suggestions for Your Favorite Motorcyclist&#151or Motorcycle

Is there a motorcycle enthusiast on you holiday shopping list? Here are our top six gift recommendations and suggestions for making a selection.

Shopping for an enthusiast can be tough, especially when you aren't one yourself. With that in mind, we have compiled ourlist of the top gifts for your favorite motorcycle enthusiast. These are items that every motorcycle rider should have, but which many of them may lack either because they don't believe how good they are, have never sought one out, or they simply seem too luxurious. More likely, once they have tried waterproof boots or an electric vest, most motorcyclists move such items from the "luxury" to the "must-have" category. To choose which one these your beloved biker needs,check with the target of your affection. If he or she lacks any of the following items, they will be welcome additions to their stockings.

Waterproof Riding Boots
Waterproof motorcycle boots are something that many motorcyclists don't own, often because they don't know how good they can be. That's a shame because they make your motorcycling life much simpler. These waterproof leather boots are as stylish as boots that soak up water, and as light, protective and comfortable as well. They don't make you feel like your feet are in a sauna. And best of all, when it starts to rain, you don't have to choose between hopping around at the side of the road trying to pull on some covers or having cold, wet feet for the rest of the day. For shopping help, see the articles below.
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Soft Saddlebags
If your giftee is an occasional (or even frequent) traveler, soft saddlebags are a great way to have luggage-toting capability when you want it and enjoy the look of a bare bike when you don't need to tote anything. They are also much less expensive than permanent hard bags (and sometimes also more capacious). Get the textile type if function is the primary consideration or leather or leather-style bags if cruiser style is paramont. For buying advice, check out these guides.
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Mesh Riding Jacket
If your favorite rider doesn't have one of these yet, he almost certainly wants one. A mesh jacket allows you to have comfortable protection during the best riding season of the year (that is, the hot one) without sacrificing (perhaps even improving on) comfort. They put protection where you need it and let air flow through the rest of the jacket. Our comparison below will put you on the track to the right one, and the second article profiles a jacket with the same features but in good old leather.
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Cold-Weather Gloves
Maybe your favorite motorcyclist complains that his fingers get chilled when the temperature drops. The three feature articles you can reach by clicking on the links below will let you find some effective finger warmers made for motorcyclists.
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Electric Vest or Jacket Liner
This is a gift that will—quite literally—warm the heart of any motorcyclist. For a rider who keeps going when it gets cold—or would like to do so—nothing keeps you as warm and toasty as an electric vest or jacket liner. These not only allow you to retain you body's warmth but actually add to it. New users are amazed at how their extremities stay warmer when they keep their vital organs at the right temperature. To find more info about these ultimate cold beaters, see the article below. (By the way, the Aerostich Kanetsu Electric Vest shown here isn't included in the compariosn below. We are currently evaluating it and so far are very impressed.)
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A full windshield is a great way to make you favorite cruiser rider's travels quieter, less fatiguing, and warmer by reducing the wind blast hitting the moving rider. You will probably want to get the recipient's input before you buy because there is an aestheic element to a windshield, and he'll want to be sure it matches his motorcycle and his own preferences. Also sure to read our story linked to below before you purchase and in particular heed the warning about being able to see over the windshield.
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For additional gift ideas in the form of evaluations of, comparisons of, and shopping advice for motorcycle gear and accessories, see the Accessories and Gear section of

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