The Top 15 Motorcycles For Halloween

Getting in to the Halloween spirit with this weird menagerie of motorcycles

Skulls and motorcycles go hand in hand, but for some bikers, it's Halloween year-round. People love to decorate their bikes, be it with custom paint or with new accessories. Making it your own is part of the fun, right? Of course, there are those who take it to the extreme, like these on our Top 15 Motorcycles of Halloween list. Enjoy this little two-wheel (and/or three) montage honoring those who fully embrace the spirit of Halloween.

Arcangel Metal Artworks
Unleash “The Vengeance”: That’s the name Arcangel Metal Artworks gave to this scary character. Talk about heavy metal—this monstrous moto is made entirely of chain metal.Bryan Harley
custom motorcycle
“I always feel like somebody’s watching me!” Rockwell’s hit song from 1984 fits this motorcycle to a T.Bryan Harley
medieval-looking dragon bike
Game of Thrones fans should love this medieval-looking dragon bike. Wonder if it breathes fire?Bryan Harley
V-8-powered Bat Trike
Move over, Batmobile, it’s the V-8-powered Bat Trike! Bet Adam West would dig this groovy three-wheeler.Bryan Harley
army man bike
"You've got a friend in me!" This motorcycle-riding Army man looks straight off the set of Toy Story.Bryan Harley
Halloween motorcycles
What would a montage of Halloween motorcycles be without a skull or two?Bryan Harley
vintage Japanese sci-fi appeal
Look, it’s Ultraman! While this motorcycle has vintage Japanese sci-fi appeal, bosozoku bikes have been a part of Japan’s moto-subculture for decades.Bryan Harley
Beetlejuice motorcycle
Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice… Why wouldn’t the merry prankster be riding around on a three-wheeled slice of pizza?!Bryan Harley
gator bike
How’d you like to see this in your rearview? You might if you live in Florida, home to its fair share of gator bikes.Bryan Harley
Doug Danger
Everybody wants to be a motorcycle daredevil. Doug Danger (pictured) actually is, setting several world jump records, including surpassing one held by Evel Knievel.Bryan Harley
camouflage bike
Talk about urban camouflage. There’s a motorcycle under there somewhere.Bryan Harley
apocalypse bike
Bring on the apocalypse, this road warrior is ready!Darren Hauk/AP Images for Harley-Davidson
skeleton bike
This guy gives new meaning to the phrase “easy rider”!Bryan Harley
Harley sidecar combo
This unique Harley sidecar combo is covered in light cowhide leather, enabling it to be inked. Game Over Cycles had artists tattoo the work of H.R. Giger and Zdzisław Beksiński on it.Bryan Harley
Class at Flat Out Friday
Prince has been seen racing the “Purple Rain” bike in the Inappropriate Class at Flat Out Friday. Happy Halloween!Bryan Harley