Suzuki Motorcycle Care Kit Evaluation

Suzuki's new wash-day kit provides everything you need to easily get your motorcycle clean and shiny. From the June 2004 issue of Motorcycle Cruiser magazine. By Mark Zimmerman.

Washing your bike can be a Zenlike experience, or a wicked, time-wasting pain in the butt. It all depends on your frame of mind, and of course having the right wash-day accessories.

To help propel you toward wash-bucket nirvana, might I suggest the Suzuki Care Kit? Suzuki has made the Saturday-morning bath ritual—the motorcycle's, not yours—easier by gathering up nearly everything you need except the water in one package. There's a good-sized plastic wash bucket imprinted with the Suzuki logo so you won't confuse it with the household scrub tub, a quart of motorcycle wash, a sheepskin wash mitt, a drying chamois and a spray bottle of detailer to give your bike that showroom shine. Suzuki even tosses in a dust brush to keep your bike looking sharp between ablutions, and a gen-u-wine Suzuki key fob, though I suppose if you ride something other than a Suzuki you can use it as a bookmark or whatever.

For those of you who are hygienically challenged, at least motorcyclewise, Suzuki has thoughtfully included a concise set of instructions, complete with an itemized parts list. Making the care kit even more economically attractive is an included $2 mail-in rebate coupon.

The Care Kit retails for $40 and is available through any Suzuki dealer. Like my buddy Wendell says, "For that price you can't afford to leave it on the shelf."
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