2019 Yamaha Tracer 900 GT

Rebadged and redesigned, the 2019 Yamaha Tracer 900 GT ticks all the boxes for a sport-tourer

2019 Yamaha Tracer 900 GT
2019 Yamaha Tracer 900 GTCRS

Built on and refined from the sport-touring-oriented architecture of Yamaha’s immensely popular FJ-09—all-day-capable chassis combined with a venerable crossplane-crank 847cc three-cylinder engine—the 2019 Yamaha Tracer 900 GT takes light-duty two-wheel travel to the next level for the tuning-fork marque. More mature-looking and substantial bodywork, adjustable suspension sourced from the MT-09 naked bike, and upgraded touring features such as cruise control, heated handgrips, and a full-color TFT dash give the Tracer 900 GT a even more satisfying long- or short-haul user experience.

Following the press introduction located near the Washington/Oregon border, Senior Editor Justin Dawes rode three consecutive 500-mile days aboard the Tracer 900 GT to put Yamaha’s comfort claims to the ultimate on-road test. “I ended each 10-hour day in disbelief,” he wrote. “How can a smaller sport-tourer be so comfortable?” Dawes summed up the Tracer 900 GT as a tremendous motorcycle with nimble handling, a raucous engine that is willing to pull from nearly any rpm, and comfortable beyond expectations. As cliché as it may sound, the Tracer 900 GT puts the “sport” in sport-touring. Or is it the “touring” in sport-touring?

Likes: Three-cylinder goodness, long-distance comfort, and sporty handling

Dislikes: Fiddly switch gear for the heated grips

Verdict: Sport-touring doesn't get much better

2019 Yamaha Yamaha Tracer 900 GT Reviews And Comparisons

The Tracer 900 GT was introduced this past July, and it has received favorable reviews thanks to excellent overall comfort and handling. From the logbook: “The side cowls have a pyramid shape that adds to the premium look. They also increase wind protection while channeling hot air from the rider.”

2019 Yamaha Tracer 900 GT Competition

With its pricing and specifications, the Tracer 900 GT has risen to the top of the range for sport-oriented touring bikes. Kawasaki’s Versys 1000 LT and Ninja 1000 ABS are similarly equipped and priced, but for $1K more you could have a Ducati Multistrada 950—minus the TFT display and saddlebags.

2019 Yamaha Tracer 900 GT Specifications And Pricing

The Tracer 900 GT costs $1,600 more than an FJ-09. That’s a significant difference, but the 900 GT has upgraded suspension, a TFT dash, cruise control, a quickshifter (up only), and hard bags. The standard Tracer 900, meanwhile, costs $10,699 and nearly matches the ’17 FJ-09 with an updated look.

Manufacturer Claimed Specifications

Price $12,999
Engine Liquid-cooled, DOHC, inline three-cylinder
Displacement 847cc
Bore x Stroke 78.0mm x 59.1mm
Horsepower N/A
Torque N/A
Transmission 6-speed
Final Drive Chain
Seat Height 33.5/34.1 in.
Rake 24.0º
Trail 3.9 in.
Front Suspension 41mm, fully adjustable; 5.4-in. travel
Rear Suspension Adjustable preload and rebound damping; 5.6-in. travel
Front Tire 120/70ZR17
Rear Tire 180/55ZR17
Fuel Capacity 59.1 in.
Wheelbase 4.8 gal.
Claimed Dry Weight 474 lb.