2017 Harley-Davidson Street Rod

2017 Harley-Davidson Street Rod
2017 Harley-Davidson Street RodCRS

New to 2017, the Harley-Davidson Street Rod adds a bit of power and attitude to the Street lineup. The Street Rod is the first bike to see the newly modified High Output Revolution X motor.

The High Output Revolution X utilizes dual throttle bodies, enhanced intake ports and cams, as well as a 12:1 compression ratio to increase horsepower by 18%, and torque by 8% over the Street 750.

Inverted forks, piggyback rear shocks and dual front disc brakes do a lot to make this bike both look and perform like a higher-end version of its little brothers. Low straight bars and bar-end mirrors add a bit of a café racer vibe to the Street Rod as well.

Designed for younger riders and a more urban setting, the Street line is both smaller and lighter than any of the other H-D models in the lineup. This comes with improved fuel economy and a more standard riding position as well, keeping the rider more upright than the typical cruiser stance we’re used to seeing from H-D.

The Street Rod comes ready for you and your passenger with a two-up seat and passenger pegs already installed.

Available starting at $8,699 with five different color options and ABS also available.

2017 Harley-Davidson Street 750 Specs and Pricing

MSRP $8,699

Thoughts from the Staff

"The Street Rod is one of the most forward-thinking models to come from Milwaukee in years, but jammed up ergonomics turn what would have been an awesome mid-sized standard into an uncomfortable cruiser/ standard hybrid that lacks the benefits of either category."

Morgan Gales - Editor, Street Chopper Magazine