Shoei RF-1000 Motorcycle Crash Helmet Product Review

The latest in Shoei's great RF series of motorcycle safety helmets, the RF-1000, retains many of the features of its predecessors, including great crash protection, but adds additional features such as improved aerodynamics

Call me a foolish sentimentalist, but after my last Shoei helmet went to its grave, saving my scalp in the process (see my discussion of that motorcycle crash in a presvious issue), I felt like the only proper thing to do was replace it with another. Since the RF-700 is no longer made, I got to upgrade to the RF-1000, which just goes to prove that every cloud really does have a silver lining.

Sharing much in common with its pricier siblings, the RF employs Shoei's Advanced Integrated Matrix construction process, or AIM+. In English, that means both organic and inorganic fibers are combined with fiberglass to create a lightweight, strong outer shell that can be given a "unique" shape. Staunch traditionalist that I am, my new lid's slightly angular shape took some getting used to, particularly the rear wing spoiler. But then again, I wanted to wear it, not sit and stare at it. Besides, Shoei tells me that the aerodynamics of the wind-tunnel-tested design result in greater stability at high speeds, reducing buffeting and rider fatigue. After wearing the thing, I'm forced to agree, proving, I suppose, that form does follow function.

Because no one wears an uncomfortable helmet, the RF incorporates removable cheek pads and chin-strap covers. These are available in different sizes to customize fit. A two-layer EPS liner system routes cool air from the upper and lower intake ports through the inner liner and out the exhaust ports at the rear of the helmet, keeping your melon cool and reducing face-shield fogging.

As expected, the RF-1000 scores high marks in every department. It's comfortable, well made and attractive (well, sort of), and it carries both DOT and Snell certification. Prices start at $341 for solid colors.

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