Shoei Multitec Flip Helmet Review

Shoei Multitec Flip Helmet
I prefer modular helmets to their full-face brethren for the simple fact that flip-lids offer convenience and security in the same setup. That's not to say they're without issues-most are noisier and less comfortable than a comparable full-face. While those qualms haven't been vanquished on Shoei's new Multitec, it's a vast improvement on the Syncrotec it replaces. In fact, after a month, the Multi's become my new go-to lid. Shoei gets kudos for managing to make a flip-up look attractive-the Multi's fiberglass-and-organic-fiber shell has a sleek series of molded curves along the sides. Up top, a cleverly designed plate slides aft to uncover two vent holes, with an additional vent at the rear. It's easily manipulated with gloves on for noticeable air flow. The recessed chin vent isn't as idiot-proof, but the larger issue here is that air only gets shunted to the chin bar and visor. But the Multitec didn't fog any more than expected, despite what feels like short front-to-back dimensions. Inside, the liner is more plush than the Syncrotec, with a fit biased toward round-shaped heads (my pumpkin-like orb took to it, but "long oval" types need not apply). Only the cheek pads are removable. The flip-up chin bar release is fairly easy to activate, and metal latch-and-post locking mechanisms yield a solid "click" when the EPS-lined chin bar is closed. Sure, the three-pound, 15 oz. mass of my size-medium Multitec is noticeable, but it's well-balanced and much quieter than expected. To my mind, all that makes the Multi-despite its high MSRP-a worthy investment. -AC
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