See See Motor Coffee Co.'s The Wild One Flat-Track Race

Flat track racing, camping, bike show, and more outside of Portland, Oregon

The one FXR at the show, and it was clapped to s—t.Justin George

Over the past few years, Dirt Quake has made a name for itself as an irreverent, Oregon-style rednecky sort of flat track race out in Portland, Oregon, and we’re happy to say that The Wild One has truly upheld this tradition.

Race Classes (in their words): Chopper: For choppers! Not factory customs or baggers, just choppers.
Street Tracker/Street Scrambler: Road-legal street trackers and scramblers, not racebikes or modern enduros.
Inappropriate Road Bike: Harley Fat Boys, Trail 90s, Ducati Panigales, virtually any road bike. If it shouldn't be on a dirt track, it's in.
Lady: Women racers on any of the above bikes (not real racebikes, please). Women can enter any other class if they prefer.
Tripod: Three-wheelers (and snowmobiles, of course)
Minibike: Pull-start 'Taco style and three-speed autos only.
Hooligan: 750-plus cc multi-cylinder beasts.

The Wild One aims to be a spot to race those bikes that don’t have anywhere else to race. Looking at the lineup, they nailed it. Choppers, minibikes, all sorts of weirdo customs—Portland brings out all the good stuff for See See’s events. From the races to the river, everyone had a great time and we’re all looking forward to doing it again next year!

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Jimmy Hill placed first night one and grabbed a second place on night two!Justin George
Choppery business was everywhere. Pretty sure this dude won the chopper class race.Justin George
Of all the races we go to, this one seems to really bring out the babes.Justin George
You won't see anyone kneeling at these events.Justin George
Unicorn girl in the parade lap the second night.Justin George
The guys who run the race are very serious people.Justin George
Mikey Virus and Taylor Dunfree taking advantage of the marriage laws in Washington during the parade lap.Justin George
Andy Debrino, the current Super Hooligan point leader, in one of his heats. He ended up second on night one and third night two.Justin George
The track was gnarly, so when people would get broke off, they would get broke off.Justin George
The primary mode of transport at The Wild One race was Honda trailbikes.Justin George
The Dark Knight himself, Andy Debrino sending it during the jump contest.Justin George
The river offered a place for racers and campers to cool off during the day.Justin George
Well, that's…custom.Justin George
The jump contest got sketchy.Justin George
Basically Uncle Eddy from Christmas Vacation.Justin George
The Wild One is also the largest gathering of pitbikes in the Pacific Northwest.Justin George
Jimmy Hill chasing Baker in one of the heat races.Justin George
Thor is one of the guys who make this whole thing happen.Justin George
Samoa Bruce on the outside with Jordan Graham on the inside during a heat race.Justin George