Sailor Jerry Announces Hammarhead Solo-X Bike Competition

Spiced Rum Company Offers Chance to Win a Custom Sailor Jerry Hammarhead Motorcycle

Sailor Jerry announces the launch of their Hammarhead Solo-X bike competition, giving fans a chance to win a custom motorcycle designed by industry innovator James Hammarhead. The bike will be customized with Norman "Sailor Jerry" Collins' Eagle Flash on the gas tank, along with the Sailor Jerry signature logo. The competition will run until July 15, 2012 and contestants, who must be 21 or over, can enter to win by becoming a fan of the Sailor Jerry Facebook page at

Thanks to his undeniable skill and steadfast determination, Norman Collins became recognized as the father of classic old school American tattooing. His pioneering advances in needle formations and color pigments helped solidify his place in tattoo history. Today, that same unwavering commitment is embodied in the work of James Hammarhead, who creates vintage-inspired, made-to-order motorcycles. To each bike Hammarhead adds technological improvements, putting his own stamp on the ride experience that combines brilliant engineering with classic design. In the same vein as Norman Collins' contributions to tattooing, James Hammarhead continues to influence the innovation of motorcycle manufacturing.

"We are thrilled to work with James Hammarhead, a true individual and innovator, on the first of a series of lifestyle collaborations," said Ken Reilly, Category Marketing Director for William Grant & Sons, Ltd. "Sailor Jerry is proud to provide this unique opportunity to our fans, who continue to embody the independent spirit of Norman Collins each and every day."

Since he shares Norman Collins' unflinching sense of purpose, Sailor Jerry featured Hammarhead as part of their Hold Fast series, a group of digital video shorts that profile craftsmen of different stripes, celebrating the spirit of authenticity and devotion to craft that Norman Collins made famous with his pioneering tattoo work. "The challenge is to follow your instincts and to take advantage of the opportunities that are presented," said Hammarhead, discussing his work with motorcycles in his Hold Fast video. "There's a beauty in that, and I appreciate that."

Hammarhead's Hold Fast video can be found at .

Images of the customized Sailor Jerry Hammarhead motorcycle are available at .

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