Sabertooth Motorcycles Unleashes a Twin Turbo Thrill Ride

The Limited Edition `TurboCat' Raises the Bar for V-8 Powered Motorcycles

Sabertooth Motorcycles offers an alternative to the run of the mill cruiser, big v-twin bikes and other high-performance motorcycles. The company operates out of Piedmont, South Carolina with in-house frame building, sheet metal fabrication, paint operations and assembly. Their proprietary frame and swingarm design has undergone extensive finite element analysis (FEA) testing to ensure structural integrity of the components under stress. Their main model is the WildCat followed by the Midnight WildCat and the WildCat X, all powered by Ford V-8s.

Sabertooth is announcing the development of a prototype of the limited edition 2010 TurboCat. Based on their original WildCat, this beast boasts a Ford aluminum block modular eight-cylinder engine with twin turbochargers, 360 rear tire, dual chain drive, and a proprietary 2-speed manual transmission with reverse.

"It has been my experience these past few years that riders want more," says founder Dr. Daniels. "More engine, more power, more rear tire, and more speed. That's why we are building this bike and that's exactly what we are going to deliver."

With a walloping 600 horsepower (estimated) and a limited production run, Sabertooth Motorcycles plans on creating a motorcycle for the experienced rider seeking a new level of physical exhilaration and emotional satisfaction. Since the WildCat starts at an MSRP of $34,995 expect the TurboCat to have an even bigger bite. Head over to for the scoop. -AT