Roadgear Hi-Tec Digital Tire Pressure Gauge

Ours proved to be consistent and consistently accurate. From the February 2001 issue of _ Motorcycle Cruiser _ magazine. By Evans Brasfield.

Manufacturers specify tire pressures for a few reasons. Tires wear dramatically quicker if they are either under or overinflated. Also, tire pressures that are severely off spec can create handling problems or lead to sudden, catastrophic tire failure. Over-inflated tires make the ride choppier and reduce traction. So, smart riders keep track of their cruisers' inflation status. However, a common complaint we've heard from riders who pay attention to such things is that the cheap pencil tire gauges are notoriously inaccurate, varying as much as a couple of pounds for each reading. The more accurate dial gauges are large and can be knocked out of calibration with rough use. So what's the traveling cruiser to do?

Small enough to fit in your pocket, the light, rugged Hi-Tec Digital Pressure gauge is accurate within 1 percent for tire pressures from 5.0 to 99.5 psi. The digital readout displays pressures in 0.5 pound increments after the gauge is pressed on the tire's nipple for only a few seconds. According to Roadgear, a Smart-chip microprocessor controls accuracy and compensates for temperature, humidity and altitude variations. The lifetime lithium battery should never need replacement. If it does, the gauge's five-year warranty will solve the problem.

To ensure the Hi-Tec gauge's accuracy, we checked a variety of tire pressures -- including one oversized truck tire that shouldn't be affected by repeated pressure readings -- with five separate Hi-Tec gauges. Each of the gauges delivered the same results. Next, we compared the gauge to a pressure gauge tester maintained by Dunlop's Sport Tire Services. Again, it proved accurate. And we didn't find a single motorcycle tire we couldn't check the pressure on; although, a few automobile wheels stymied us. (But who drives those anyway?) The bottom line is that we are convince it is accurate.

With the cost of new rubber and the high stakes of a tire failure in mind, we highly recommend the approximately $20 Roadgear Hi-Tec Digital Tire Pressure Gauge. Order directly from Roadgear.

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