Review: Tour Master ColdTex Motorcycle Gloves

On some cold wotorcycle rides no price is too high for warm fingers. Fortunately Tour Master's excellent ColdTex winter cloves cost just $30. From the April 2002 issue of _ Motorcycle Cruiser _ magazine. ** By

Our 2002 Big Twin Comparison involved an extremely cold four-day ride, so I was able to test these new ColdTex gloves in very appropriate conditions.

The most persistent problem on our frigid tour was painfully chilled hands, which we'd commiserate about at fuel stops with grunts and whines since speech had all but left us. I don't think anyone noticed—and I really didn't want anyone to—I never complained about cold hands on that trip. The insulated Coldtex gloves kept my hands as warm as conceivably possible in those freezing temperatures, and although I'd brought several tried-and-true winter gloves as backups in case the experiment failed, I never wore anything else. In addition, the Tour Master ColdTex gloves produced none of the bunching or bulkiness common with typical cold-weather gloves.

Lightweight and immediately comfortable thanks to a soft, pliable nylon shell and pre-curved palms and fingers, the new insulated Tour Masters are the warmest winter gloves I've encountered yet. There's a leather insert on the palm for durability and abrasion resistance. To keep the gloves on and the wind out, you'll find elastic at the wrist as well as an adjustable hook-and-loop flap on the medium-length gauntlet. Porvair, a breathable, waterproof membrane, lines the gloves in case your cold day brings on a downpour.

Available in sizes XS to XXL (women's too), in black only for just $30.

Tour Master
(800) 455-2552

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