Motul Chain Spray and Chain Paste | CR Tested

I normally wouldn’t review two products from the same manufacturer on the same page, but in this instance I’m going to make an exception, because, as my 8-year old niece is so fond of saying, “they’re the same but different.” Motul has recently come out with an updated line of motorcycle care products and included in the big box of samples they sent were two chain lubricants—one aerosol, one a brush-on paste. I tried the C2 Chain spray first, which is billed as an O ring, X-ring and Z-ring compatible chain lube that’s water- and salt-resistant, has a high resistance to fling, and is colorless—to help preserve the pristine beauty of your motorcycle on those occasions when it goes where you’d rather it didn’t. According to the info it also incorporates a penetrant which allows the lubricant to infiltrate the rollers more effectively, although they do recommend cleaning the chain beforehand if it’s particularly grungy. Quite honestly I have to take it on faith that the C2’s chemical makeup is what Motul claims it to be.

I can tell you this though; after slathering the stuff all over the Enfield’s dry-as-a-bone drive chain, and then riding the bike through a week’s worth of 90-degree days, punctuated by the occasional thunderstorm and resultant rain-soaked roads, the chain remains as well-lubricated as on the morning I oiled it. I can also tell you that despite my best efforts to lubricate the entire back half of the bike with the stuff, fling is indeed minimal; in fact, it’s one of, if not the, cleanest lubes I’ve ever used. How well it holds up between lubes remains to be seen, but at this point I’d have to say it’s doing a helluva job.

My only gripe is that I managed to cover my hands with lube when I installed the optional cap and attached straw, but that’s certainly not Motul’s fault.

The C5 chain paste is more of the same, but uh... different. To start with, it comes in a toothpaste-type tube with a brush-on applicator and is colored white so you can keep track of where you’ve applied it. As you might expect, brush-painting the chain with lube is a bit more time-consuming than simply spraying the lube on, but it’s also much neater, which is a huge advantage if like me, you tend to make a good mess anytime you aim a spray can at something. Like the aerosol, this version resists fling quite well. It also has the advantage of being stow-eable under your bikes seat, or even in your pocket if you’re a gambler. I used the paste version on my Triumph Scrambler and it is, as the kids say, the bomb. It went on easily, lubricated my embarrassingly dry chain better than anything I’ve ever used and absolutely didn’t run, drip or end up all over the paint, despite an hour long ride in high 90-degree heat. I’m sold on both these chain lubes, in particular the paste, and can’t recommend them highly enough.

**Motul C2 Aerosol Chain Lube
** Price: $9.99

**Motul C5 Chain Paste
** Price: $8.99