Lunasee ASL 1000 | New Products

Style meets Safety with the patented Lunasee Active Side Lighting system. The ASL 1000 makes you highly visible and recognizable with its unique “light signature,” so that when you enter a motorist’s field of vision, you’re unmistakably recognized as a motorcycle. The Lunasee system uses special LERtape (Light Emitting Rim) that’s applied directly to your wheel’s rim. It’s weightless and nearly invisible in daylight. As the wheels rotate, discrete high-intensity LEDpods mounted on the frame or forks, aimed at the LERtape, trigger it to glow. The glowing LERtape creates visible rings of light without any wires or lights on your wheels. The ASL 1000 Side Lighting Kit easily integrates into the bike, with no lights, wires, or batteries. MSRP is $199.; 252-558-4495