LegUp LandinGear Soon to Be Available for GL1500 Gold Wings

Chopper Design Services announces the LegUp LandinGear Motorcycle Stabilization System will be available for 1988-2000 GL1500 Gold Wings

**July 8, 2010 **-- LegUp LandinGear, a division of Chopper Design Services, will soon be adding a new fitment to its product line. The company's LegUp LandinGear Motorcycle Stabilization System is now in product development and will soon be available for 1988-2000 GL1500 Gold Wing motorcycles. The computerized LandinGear system claims to help riders balance their motorcycles when stopping, pulling away from a stop or maneuvering slowly. The LegUp System has previously been available for newer GL1800 Gold Wing Models.

Dubbed 'The Perfect Trike Alternative', the LegUp system been available for Harley-Davidson Touring Bikes for over twelve months. The high demand for this innovative device over the past year has caused Chopper Design to adapt the system to GL1500 motorcycles manufactured between 1988-2000. This computerized system deploys a small set of wheels as the motorcycle slows, and retracts these wheels upon acceleration. These retractable wheels help support the vehicle at slow speeds.

LegUp LandinGear is proud to report the adaptation for older Gold Wings is complete, and manufacturing has been initiated. Expected delivery is August 15, 2010 and pricing will be the same as for the newer Goldwings; $3,495.

For more information about LegUp LandinGear please visit LandinGear.com or call 407-834-5007