Harley-Davidson's Biker's First Aid Kit

Don't Leave Home Without It

Most of us neglect to pack one for the ride, but Harley-Davidson's Biker's First Aid Kit is compact enough that there's really no excuse to ship off without. Designed for the road captain or a serious long-distance rider, the fairly comprehensive kit is packed into an 8-inch x 6-inch x 3-inch zippered nylon case, and includes: sun screen packets, burn cream, hand sanitizer packets, antibiotic packets, eyewash, gauze pads, plastic and flexi strips and bandages, gauze, waterproof tape, latex-free gloves, cleansing towelettes, insect sting pads, lens cleaning cloth, ear plugs, tissues, scissors, survival wrap, rain poncho, paper, pencil, and a quick first-aid guide. It's all $39.95 from Harley-Davidson.com.