Cruiser Customizing Celebrates 10th Anniversary

Cruiser Customizing Inc., a website specializing in custom motorcycle parts and accessories, is giving one lucky customer the keys to a Yamaha V-Star 650. Watch them take this bike from mild to wild!

Livermore, CA. (PRWEB) September 12, 2011

This July marked the tenth anniversary for Cruiser Customizing Inc., an e-commerce business specializing in custom motorcycle parts and accessories. To celebrate the firm's success in fulfilling over one million orders, they are giving a lucky winner the keys to a fully-accessorized Yamaha V-Star 650. Leading up to the ultimate give-away, Kyle Bradshaw, (host of the Community's popular Tip of the Week) is creating a series of videos that focus on the how-to for customized installation.

Each week a new motorcycle part or accessory will be added to the bike to increase style, performance, and comfort. When this V-Star is ready, it will be worth $15,000 in key parts and motorcycle accessories. The give-away is free to enter, and as easy as submitting a name.

Cruiser Customizing Inc. launched its website in 2001, as a purely product review -based community. It was a place where bikers, including Founder Uwe Druckenmueller, could research aftermarket motorcycle accessories for their metric cruisers and coordinate already-owned accessories with wish-list functionality. Then Druckenmueller, a consummate entrepreneur, took his passion and made it profitable.

"We are proud to have served the metric cruiser community for over ten years," explains Druckenmueller. "This not only gives our community the chance to win this amazing bike, but we're also providing them with valuable product and installation advice during this six-month build-out process." In case you didn't know, product installation advice is what sets Cruiser Customizing Inc. apart, with thousands of free installation videos available for motorcycle parts and accessories on the site.

As 2012 approaches, Cruiser Customizing Inc. continues to nurture its vision for a united biker community.