CR Tested | ICON Reign Waterproof Boots

If you ride in the Pacific Northwest, where winter-season rainfall can top 20 inches west of the Cascades, the search for true waterproof gear can feel endless. Pulling in after a long ride in soggy socks just plain sucks, so I was keen to add Icon's new Reign Waterproof boots to my wet-weather testing regimen. I'll tell you right off the bat that they passed the water-shedding test with flying colors, but first things first. The Reign's styling is more sport-touring than bar-hopping, which is fine with me when I'm putting on serious miles, and the exterior is all about no-nonsense function: A ballistic nylon-and-leather overlay combo that caps your feet in an abrasion-resistant shell, with injection-molded shin and ankle plates providing the impact protection. Slipping them on was a tight squeeze at first-my dogs run wide, and the Reigns are, by design, form-fitting, so sizing can run small-but after an hour of walking around, the leather loosened up to make for a surprisingly comfortable fit. Despite initial stiffness, the interior is nicely accommodating, with a liner that disperses moisture by drawing it away from your body. A steel shank runs the length of the boot's grippy rubber sole for extra safety, and build quality feels a bit more stout than other Icon boots I've tested. The sport touring style isn't my normal choice for a cruise, but for multiday trips in the saddle, the Reign's stiffer footbed rules.

The constant drip and drizzle of the Oregon winter is legendary (except for this year), and so far, the Reign is dealing with it admirably, with a fully sealed lining and waterproof zipper keeping my feet free from external water assaults. The Reigns are a bit too stiff for serious walks around town, and I still prefer Icon's Patrol boot aesthetic for cruiser rides, but when you're serious about the long haul through trying conditions, there's no question the Reigns are up to the task.

Reign Boots are available in Men's and women's versions. - AC
Rating *** 1/2