Brakeaway Cruise Control | CR Tested

On a long tour without cruise control, hours of manipulating the throttle can get real old no matter what you’re riding. Unfortunately, we’ve never trusted throttle locks, and electronic speed controllers are a bear to install.

Which is why I jumped on the BrakeAway when I first heard about it. The CNC-machined anodized aluminum device is well-crafted, and its narrow width makes it an unobtrusive add-on. Because it’s a mechanical, friction-type unit, it’s easy to install, and is available for American and metric bikes.

Fit and finish is excellent, and installation is simple, as long as you read the instructions and tighten the set screws in the right order. The BrakeAway slips over the hand grip and is then adjusted to fit. The bracelet type device (Model 6CP02 pictured) only occupies 3⁄4” of the grip, and following the instructions are key to ensure the tight-tolerance components work as advertised.

The throttle is set by pushing a thumb button. To adjust, simply change settings by twisting your throttle, Disengage it by pressing its release lever or applying the front brake (thus depressing a cam which releases the lock). We had to fiddle with the settings to get sensitivity and throttle tension just right, but that’s to be expected.

Make/model compatibility is on Brakeaway’s website and if you plan to install the unit yourself, best check it out first. The BrakeAway is a well-designed solution to throttle control, and if you do a lot of distance riding, I’d consider getting one.

BrakeAway Cruise Control
Price: $199–$219
**Rating **: Four out of five stars