Bel-Ray's New V-Twin Synthetic Engine Oil

Featuring innovative new packaging and enhanced technology, Bel-Ray is proud to offer the discriminating user the ultimate in performance and quality for any V-Twin machine.

Formulated by Bel-Ray's team of R&D; engineers, the Bel-Ray V-Twin Synthetic Engine Oil 10W-50 uses only the finest base stock and additives, combined to deliver the best results. Synthetic ester is infused with Extreme Pressure (anti-wear additives) for better results in large displacement V-Twin engines, to lower engine temperature and increase horsepower. The Bel-Ray V-Twin Synthetic Engine Oil is made for V-Twin air-cooled or liquid cooled 4 stroke engines; is API SM and JASO MA2 approved, and is available in 1 liter and 4 liter containers.

Bel-Ray's complete line of V-Twin products is proudly made in the USA.