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For years, I've had this thing about trying to find riding gear that doesn't look like riding gear. The 1940s traditional stuff doesn't do it for me, nor does riding in a t-shirt. I need some function in my gear. I need a decent spread of temperatures and/or wetness the stuff will work in. But most modern riding gear isn't it either. It either looks way too sportbike-ish, or way BMW-motogeek. (Not that there's anything wrong with that). And it may look good on a bike, but usually it's not anything I'd want to be seen in on the street. My bike geek flag does not fly everywhere.

To address this point, Alpinestars came out with its City Collection. They think of it as applying to urban and scooter riders, but I think it fits the bill perfectly for many cruiser types as well. The Quantum DNS Jacket is a case in point.

Very casually styled, the Quantum looks like a simple hiking shell or snowboard jacket. It's made from a very soft cotton material that feels unlike any other waterproof jacket I've ever owned. It's got armor in the shoulders and elbows and pockets for additional armor in the chest and back. Equipped with just the base armor, it is very comfortable indeed, except the waist is somewhat tight, and can only adjust tighter.

It works well in warm weather up to about 80 degrees, as it has no vents, but it breathes well right through the waterproof membrane. It really excels in colder weather, however. With the liner in, I've worn it riding in the high 30s, and while walking around, down into the 20s - and have felt only mildly uncomfortable. In fact, riding or not, it's my go-to jacket for whenever, which is not something I'll say about any other motorcycle apparel I own.

A ton of pockets, a detachable hood (remove it if you're going to be riding over 60mph), and a zipper to attach to any Alpinestars pants round out this fully-featured riding jacket. My only complaint is that the sizing (as on all Alpinestars apparel) is on the small side. I'm usually comfortable in a Large from most brands, and this Extra Large was a little snug in spots.

Alpinestars Quantum DNS jacket
Price: $199.95
Rating: 4.5 stars (damn near perfect)

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