Panoptx Viper Sportglasses Evaluation

A pair of sunglasses/googles that can be customized more easily than your bike. By Andy Cherney.

We loved the adrenaline rush offered by the new sport-cruiser motorcycles, so we had to try these so-called sportglasses from Panoptx. Our new Viper model came in Burnt Orange, but you can custom-build your glasses, choosing styles a component colors, on the Panoptx Web site. You can also order persription lenses.

To the untrained eye, the Viper may look like ordinary protective sunglasses, but underneath the frames are the wind-blocking characteristics of a goggle. A patented Orbital Seal (soft foam padding around the frames) seal your eyes, creating a protected environment. Our peepers felt safe and didn't get dry, although the wind did seep through at higher speeds (above 40 mph). We opted for the Rider Lens (Blue Flash), which showed us the road with razor-sharp definition and clarity. The lenses are also anti-fogging and shatter-resistant, so we didn't run into any unexpected visual impairment during unusual weather conditions. Peripheral vision was excellent.

Frame color choices include Burnt Orange, Matte Black, Midnight Charcoal, Sinister Blue and Tortoise. Ten lens options are available.

Prices vary with lens types, starting from $95 to $155; the Viper, as shown here, goes for $125.

(877) PAN-OPTX, (925) 484-0292

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